ITG catalogue-1

The International Gateway is the exclusive Gateway of all the international voice and data traffic to and from a Country. The Gateway represents the country access to the rest of the world networks and it can be connected either through satellites or through international fiber cables. The benefits using an International Gateway can be summarized as following:

. Restoration of proper management, fraud control and transparency.

. New source of income for the Government according to the tariff structure imposed to international carriers, and by the way a potential reduced cost of single international call for local users.

. Better quality of international calls to and from mobile and fixed networks that will satisfy the subscribers’ needs and expectations.

. Higher capacity of international traffic which allows for more inbound and outbound calls to be made, hence increase in the accessibility by the people of Country in addition to other major sectors such as Trade, Industry, Tourism, NGOs, Governmental and others.

.  Better security by prohibiting illegal Gateways to operate hence achieving more control over the security issues.