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Europe, as a expressed also by the eu commission, occupies in the world

a leading role in the application of technologies to cultural heritage.

this is due to the extraordinary richness of the european cultural heritage.

where Italy has a well known prominent position, which stimulated

and gave rise to world leading research centres and applications of

advanced technologies devoted to location and conservation of Cultural


space based technology ( earth observation and satellite navigation and

localization) and ict( gis-geographical information systems, multimedia,

web services etc.) are specially useful in performing basic activities for

cultural heritage i.e.:

  • detection, identification, location
  • inventory
  • planning of archaeology works
  • design and planning of restoration
  • non destructive techniques for diagnostics
  • architectural conservation
  • virtual museum
  • 3d rendering of recovered ancient buildings
  • exploitation of cultural heritage
  • secure and safe transportation of works of art