BPA catalogue-1

This document presents an automatic personal identification system developed by etg and west aquila. the system described in detail later, can be used to manage physical access (e.g. to restricted areas for people or vehicles) as well as for logical access (e.g. to personal service like e-banking).

The main component of the system is the biometric badge or the biometric Token

the embedded biometric badge is a “system-on-badge”, which performs several tasks: scan and verify fingerprint of people; check if a user is the badge’s owner based on fingerprint matching; send related outcomes wirelessly to the rest of the system (e.g., to the gw, which interconnects the badge to the rest of the infrastructure), without the need to transmit biometric data of the user over the wireless medium (so, in a secure way from the point of view of transmitting critical data of the user).

for some specific application, e.g. banking on line, a different embedded biometric tool could be more practical and suitable, like a biometric token (bt), performing exactly the same tasks as the bb.