AWM catalogue-1

AWM catalogue-1

European Techno Group  & West Aquila have implemented an innovative technological platform based on wireless sensor networks for distributed and continuous remote monitoring and sampling of surface waters, able to timely detect the rise of possible water pollution.

the system is able to perform, in real time and simultaneously on large surface areas, the , measurement of the most meaningful chemical-physic parameters suitable for early detection of water environment impairment: a powerful instrument to support and complement the accurate existing in lab analysis processes.

the main goals of such a platform are the following:

  • .to aggregate measurements of basic parameters in order to highlight the presence of polluting substances;
  • .to plan a space-time sampling sequence in order to estimate the dangerousness and capture samples for successive analysis;
  • .to alert the control center;
  • .to pick up samples and bring them to the lab for specific analyses.